Weapons and armour of the Baumann Foundation

Halberd, 2nd half of the 15th c.

Roncone, Northern Italy, mid 16th c.

Roncone, 2nd half of 16th c.

Wheel-lock pistol, Brunswick, dated 1546

Comb morion, Northern Italy, mid 16th c.

Wing helmet of a Hussar, Poland, last quarter of the 17th c.

Maximilian fluted full armour, c. 1520-30

Triple-bladed left-hand dagger, Germany, c. 1620

Cinquedea, Italy, last quarter of the 15th c.

Swiss dagger, South Germany, 1st quarter of the 16th c.

Kidney dagger, North Italy, c. 1450

Rondel dagger, Burgundy, c. 1450

Lansquenet broadsword (s.c. Katzbalger), Austria, beginning of the 16th c.

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