Faiences from the Baumann Foundation

1) Vase with lid, Ansbach manufacture, 18th c.

2) Ink and sand device, Ansbach manufacture, 18th c.

3) Vase with lid, decorated with chinoiseries, Ansbach manufacture, 18. Jh.

4) Vase with chinoiseries, Ansbach manufacture, 18th c.

5) Plate with bird decoration, Ansbach manufacture, 18th c.

6) Huge pear-shaped jug with pewter fittings, 18th c.

7) Tankard with Madonna as decoration, Nuremberg, 2nd half of the 18th c.

8) Tankard with lid and floral decoration, Nuremberg, 18th c.

9) Tankard with lid, motif: St. Nepomuk, Nuremberg, 2nd half of the 18th c.

10) Tankard with lid, motif: St. George, (s.c. "Yellow family"), Crailsheim manufacture, 18th c.

11) Figure-shaped salt-and-pepper cup, Künersberg manufacture, 18th c.

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